Pinckley Prizes for Crime FictionPinckley Prizes for Crime Fiction

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Why support the Pinckley Prizes?

I am proud to be a founding donor of the Pinckley Prizes for Crime Fiction. As one of Diana Pinckley’s editors (and she rarely needed one, as many of you know), I want her words and her work to live on. She did so much for so many, and rarely took the credit for anything. “I like leaving invisible fingerprints,” she told me. Now that she’s gone, it’s time to make those fingerprints visible.

If you knew her, you know how hard she worked for other people. Now it’s time to give back in her memory.

If you love books, you know how changeable book culture is these days. It’s time to establish an award in Pinckley’s memory that will last.

If you love crime fiction, chances are that you read her column, devoted to seeking out the best of the new and recognizing the best of the best. The Pinckley Prizes, one recognizing a debut novel, one honoring the achievement of a lifetime, will do just that.

And if you support women’s equality, as Pinckley did, you know that in this time when a disproportionate number of literary prizes go to men, it’s time to remember the ladies – and the bad girls! How did Pinckley want to be remembered? As a badass cowgirl in purple boots! Let’s make that happen.

Susan Larson

Co-founder and former President of Women's National Book Association of New Orleans
Founder of the Pinckley Prizes for Crime Fiction

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