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Pinckley Prizes For Crime Fiction

The Women’s National Book Association of New Orleans established the Pinckley Prizes for Crime Fiction in 2012 for women writers to honor the memory of Diana Pinckley (1952-2012), a longtime crime fiction columnist for The New Orleans Times-Picayune, and her passion for mysteries.


Pinckley was a founding member of the Women’s National Book Association of New Orleans, as well as a civic activist, who gave her time and energy to local and national causes. Now independent, the Prizes were launched by WNBA-NO, the New Orleans chapter of the Women’s National Book Association, which is composed of writers, librarians, publishers, and booklovers, and was founded in 2011. The national WNBA was founded in 1917.

Alafair Burke and Margot Douaihy are the recipients of the 2023 Pinckley Prizes for Crime Fiction. Sascha Rothchild was the winner of the Pinckley Prize for Debut Novel in 2022. The prizes were presented on March 22nd in New Orleans.

The prizes honor women writers with a financial award of $2,500. This year the prize winners Douaihy and Rothchild participated at the 2024 Tennessee Williams Literary Festival.

The Pinckley Prize for Distinguished Body of Work honors an established woman writer who has created a significant body of work in crime fiction. The winner is nominated and selected by a jury of WNBA-NO members.

The Pinckley Prize for Debut Novel honors a woman writer with a first-time published novel in adult crime fiction. The winner is selected by a panel of Pinckley Prize judges.



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